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Streamlining the Disposal Bin Rental Process With Over 20 Years Experience

Our company provides a one-stop solution for customers looking to rent a disposal bin. We are an aggregator that compares pricing and services from all the top disposal bin rental companies, saving customers time and effort in the process.

Our team has done the research for you, so you can quickly and easily find the best prices and services for your needs. With just a few clicks, you can compare quotes from multiple companies and choose the option that best suits your requirements. Say goodbye to the hassle of calling around for quotes and let us do the work for you. Get the best disposal bin rental services at the best prices with ease.

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Save Time and Get the Best Prices Today!

Renting a disposal bin for your waste management needs can seem like a straightforward process, but it can quickly turn into a labyrinth of hidden fees and unexpected charges. Many companies advertise low prices to attract customers, but once the rental period begins, the true costs start to emerge in the form of hidden fees. These fees can include delivery, pickup, environmental surcharges, and more, making the final bill much higher than initially advertised.

The lack of transparency in the disposal bin rental industry can make it difficult for customers to make informed decisions. Companies often advertise the lowest prices, but are not forthcoming about the hidden fees they will charge. This can result in an unpleasant surprise when the bill arrives. In addition, many companies do not have the best reputation for customer service, making the process of renting a disposal bin even more stressful.

However, all is not lost. Our team has done all the research for you and found the best disposal bin rental companies with transparent prices, competitive rates, and top positive reviews. These companies are upfront about all fees and charges, so you can be confident that you are getting the best value for your money. In addition, they have a strong commitment to customer service, ensuring that your experience renting a disposal bin is as smooth and stress-free as possible.


What Our Clients Say About Us

Hear it from our satisfied customers themselves! Check out what others have to say about our exceptional disposal bin rental services.

We googled disposal bins and there it was. They were very knowledgeable, professional and friendly. Asked me all the questions so that I had the right size bin. Had an entire basement to Reno and they were always on time when we needed to exchange our full bins for empty ones. Thank you Guys for helping me out and making my Reno easier.

Jennifer Christine Castillo

It was my first time renting a bin and the customer service was phenomenal. Very professional and I plan on using them for my shop on a month to month basis. Drop off and pick up was basically same day service which was great. Great business to rent from.

Jolie Nhem

They were great with their service! On time and just the right size! Would highly recommend them to anyone needing to get rid of some junk or doing a reno! A++

Jessy Abramo

I am renovating my basement I called want a bin. They came the same day I called them and they are affordable and reliable thank you again.

Antonio Alicandro

I rented a 20 yard bin for a basement demolition. The initial phone call was quick, friendly, and efficient. I was able to get a bin on short notice. No damage to my driveway, exactly where I wanted it. Pick up was scheduled during the first phone call and the bin was gone when I got home from work that day.

Marco Wong

I was doing a clean up and Reno in my garage so I called want a bin and they came to drop off the bin asap. Great experience they will be called if needed again.

Steven Alicandro

Needed a bin to provide a us with a dumpster rental for our rental property. Want A Bin were great! Very friendly, quick and easy. Their service was right on. I had a few extra request and some questions on what size we should get and how it all worked and they responded very quickly and made sure we were taken care of. They asked where they would like the bin on my drive and even used special wood to protect our driveway. Best of all the bins were nice and clean and their truck wasn’t those heavy big trucks that dip the driveways. I highly recommend Want A Bin everytime!!!

Victoria Kristina